Antique Tribal Northwest Persian Runner Rug 50669


Size: 3 ft 7 in x 13 ft 5 in (1.09 m x 4.09 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Quite The Captivating Antique Tribal Design Northwest Persian Hallway Runner Rug, Rug Origin: Persia, Rug’s Circa Weaving Date: Late 19th Century – Like so many awesome antique Persian hallway runner rugs, this one features a repeating pattern of a crab design in the border and an abstract approach to the paisley design in the field. These tribal designs lead the viewer’s eyes downward along ephemeral shapes and flows the saturate this captivating Persian rug. A single strong border stands out along the edges of the antique rug, providing a grounding presence that only serves to add to the other vibrant elements present.

The background within the borders is a soft white. This background color is light enough to provide an attractive contrast to the crab design elements present throughout the border. Rich emeralds green, light sky blue, deep rich reds and vibrant fiery orange hues all stand and beautifully  juxtapose against each other throughout the border of this magnificent antique Northwest Persian rug. Between the framework of the border is a series of diagonal lines that course down the length of the antique Oriental rug, creating an illusion of swirling movement along a single rigid shape.

This antique tribal Northwest Persian runner rug is colorful and the artistic tension that is created between the framing border and inner field is extremely complex in its tribal beauty. The brighter colors of the antique rug are sure to brighten any dark hallway in your home. The magnificent designs will also add a splash of tribal artistic intrigue which are sure to spark your own artistic interest and awaken your inner artist.

If you share the love for antique tribal design area rugs and tribal approach to art, then this antique Persian rug, a remarkable tribal hallway runner rug, would make a phenomenal option for your interior design.

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