Antique Tribal Nomadic Caucasian Zakatala Rug 47565

Size: 3 ft 2 in x 5 ft 4 in (0.97 m x 1.63 m)

Zakatala rugs, produced in the South Caucasus are some of the rarest and most collectible from the region. This fetching example boasts the graphic coloration, and the bold, rough and ready drawing style that makes such pieces desirable.

Antique Tribal Nomadic Caucasian Zakatala Rug, Origin: Southern Caucuses, c. 1880 – Here is a gorgeous example of a rare antique Oriental rug style: a gorgeous rug attributed to the nomadic Zakatala people of the Southern Caucasus. Tribal rugs from the Caucuses enjoy a wide-ranging popularity, due largely to the cultural authenticity that is so immediately apparent in their composition. A Caucasian Zakatala rug is considered to be especially desirable, largely due to their rarity among Caucasian rugs. This exciting example is a brilliant representation of traditional Zakatala design, featuring a daring, unconventional color palette of deep, bold tones, as well as a series of very traditional Zakatala figures and design motifs. Geometric figures dance throughout the field in a superficially scattered arrangement, paying no mind to what appear as arbitrary color separations. Most intriguing, human like figures stare up from the lower third of this piece, giving the observer the sensation that they are looking into the very soul of the Zakatala. A traditional tribal composition that is so much more, this stunning rug is a true masterpiece of cultural significance.

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