Antique Tribal Hand-On-Hip Elibelinde Motif Caucasian Soumak Flat Weave Rug 46910

Size: 7 ft 7 in x 10 ft (2.31 m x 3.05 m)

Woven with an extreme level of detail, this archetypal Soumak dragon rug features an elaborate medallion composition surrounded by a myriad of ancient symbols.

Antique Caucasian Soumak Rug, Origin: Caucasus – This magnificent antique Caucasian Soumak rug depicts a prototypical dragon medallion that lends itself well to the detailed weft wrapped weaving technique known as Soumak. Dueling medallion motifs with contrasting colors and radiant appendages artfully spread across the fiery terra-cotta field. Hand-on-hip elibelinde motifs, berekets and potent duality symbols fill in the deeply serrated, precisely outlined dragon motifs. Scrolling latchhooks, wolf’s mouth devices, auspicious eight-pointed stars and a multitude of ancient protection symbols are skillfully woven into the intricately patterned, boldly colored field of this antique rug. Vitruvian scroll outer borders and delicate guard bands filled with conjoined botanical motifs wind around the perimeter of the composition and embrace the cool blue main borders, which contain protective trousseau boxes, serrated stars and complex duality symbols that are highly decorative and deeply meaningful to Caucasian rug weavers.

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