Antique Tribal Abrash Persian Malayer Runner Rug 72153

Size: 2 ft 9 in x 16 ft (0.84 m x 4.88 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Tribal And Beautiful Antique Persian Malayer Runner Abrash Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1920 -The antique Persian Malayer rugs have a tribal charm that has attracted connoisseurs and interior decorators for decades. This lovely piece was created around 1920 and is filled with patinaed colors that have soften up so beautifully over the last 100 years. Antique hallway runner rugs like this one would be perfect for a long and narrow space, along a wall, or to lead the way to a special feature of the space.

Malayer is a small village that is located in Northwestern Persia. It is near the major weaving centers of Sarouk and Hamedan. The captivating Persian rugs produced in this area were usually smaller examples and runners, such as this magnificent piece. These facinating antique rugs were typically produced by individual weavers or entire families in the case of larger ones. The weavers of these iconic area rugs learn the traditional patterns and motifs by song, memorization and poetry. The weaver builds a repertoire over time and as a result, the larger the number of unique and varied motifs and patterns, the more skilled were the hands that created it.

Tribal rugs like this one show a range of designs and patterns. These facinating motifs are showcased so beautifully against the grey blue abrash rug color variation in the main field. Among these area rug styles,  this antique Persian Malayer runner rug has a softer and more rustic array than most.

The wide range of colors and facinating more tribal motifs is one of the reasons why these types of area rugs have frequently found their way into the hands of savvy rug collectors. The wool pile of Malayer carpets is typically cut short to showcase the design details. This Persian Malayer runner rug is an excellent example of this type of rug, and it is also a truly versatile piece.

The range of colors in this antique rug makes it the perfect design inspiration for the colors in the rest of the room. It has a Boho chic tribal feel, but it also has the symmetry and formal qualities that make it perfect for a traditional room, too. The symmetry and precision of the design in this piece are exceptional, which makes it stand out among village rugs. For people who are shopping for rugs to buy for their home, this tribal Malayer beauty could be such a gorgeous beginning fore creating the perfect room design.

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