Antique Tribal 19th Century Anatolian Turkish Rug 48164

Size: 5 ft 1 in x 6 ft 10 in (1.55 m x 2.08 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Characterized by a dynamic and stirring high-contrast design, this exemplary Anatolian carpet is rich with traditional design elements.

Beautiful Tribal Antique 19th Century Anatolian Turkish Rug, Origin / Woven In: Turkey, Circa: Nineteenth Century – Characterized by a dynamic and stirring high-contrast design, this exemplary Anatolian carpet is rich with traditional design elements. From the series of octagonal geometric elements that appear in pairs in the field to the unique and intriguing elements that appear throughout the border, this antique Turkish carpet reveals exciting surprise after exciting surprise. Perhaps the most intriguing quality expressed by this lovely antique rug is the effective use of high contrast that makes the field stand out prominently from the borders. Nearly ivory, the borders share a tone with a pair of horizontal bands that separate the field into three portions. Within the field, the six octagonal figures that stylistically dominate the piece are set against dark squares, which are also decorated with further design elements. An exciting and intriguing piece, this Anatolian 19th century carpet from Turkey is a truly exciting example.

These Turkish rugs are similar to Caucasian rugs, but they are favored for their unique designs and color combinations that set them apart from traditional rugs of the people of the Caucasus Mountains. This piece is an excellent example of the diversity of the designs and color combinations that you can find in this rug group. The motifs and patterns of these area rugs have been handed down through oral traditions for many centuries.

The climate of the area allows for the production of local wools that are soft and luxurious. This rug is the perfect size for a formal foyer entryway or a long, narrow kitchen. It would also make a soft landing for your feet in a bedroom or as the focal point of a wider hallway.

The natural, earthy feel of this rug is a beautiful foundation for indoor plants, natural woods, terracotta, and natural baskets. The geometric pattern gives it a more formal feel, but it is also casual enough to create a cozy sanctuary. One of the ways that antique rugs are being used by designers is to bridge pieces from different periods and styles.

For people who are buying rugs and tend to gravitate to the more rustic looking rugs, this antique tribal 19th century Anatolian Turkish rug should warrant serious consideration.

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