Fine Silk and Wool Antique Persian Tehran Rug 48249


Size: 10 ft 6 in x 15 ft 6 in (3.2 m x 4.72 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Antique Silk and Wool Tehran Rug, Persia, Circa: 1920 — Magnificent beauty and intricate artistry are apparent throughout this magnificent antique rug. Woven by hand in Tehran, a renowned capital of Persian rug production, this extraordinary piece boasts flawless symmetry, soft geometry, stunning intricacy, and beautiful, sophisticated hues. A series of increasingly intricate borders frame the piece, each patterned with unique, lovely designs of blossoms and vines rendered in rich earthy hues. These delicate borders frame a magnificent crimson background bearing an astonishingly detailed design dominated by peony motifs, once widely considered a symbol of power. Rendered in soft blues, rich creams, sophisticated yellows and striking crimson, the motif provide a striking contrast to the cool, rich heart of the piece, a serene blue background patterned with ethereal depictions of peonies, vines, and lotuses, interlocked in a stunning pattern of such complexity and beauty that the artistry momentarily overshadows the stunning geometry. This beautiful piece bears the soft wildness of a placid pond while adhering to the strict symmetrical genius. Sophisticated and a pinnacle of the form, this stunning silk and wool rug is a work of art an is sure to make a strikingly beautiful artistic statement.

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