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Large Oversized Antique Persian Tribal Qashqai Rug 50651 Nazmiyal

Large Oversized Antique Persian Tribal Qashqai Rug 50651

Size: 12 ft 8 in x 24 ft (3.86 m x 7.32 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Rare and Beautiful Large Oversized Antique Persian Tribal Qashqai Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – An extravagant forest fills the cream central field of this antique Persian rug. Staggered regularly across the body of this antique Persian tribal Qashqai rug, the orchard is made up of evergreen trees with red and gold ornamentation, turning them into festive depictions. Smaller bushes flank these green figures, rooted in red and blue pots. Many circular flowers in red and yellow surround these arboreal elements, filling the light-hued space with an elaborate design. A slim, dark-hued band with white and red flowers anchors the central field, its black background matching the darkest accents of the main design. A series of vibrant borders edges the antique rug, each filled with a colorful pattern repeating around the entire length and width.

The vibrant happy rug colors of this delightful tribal antique Persian Qashqai rug remain as bright as when it was first created at the turn of the 19th century. The design invites you to stroll among the cypress trees in this abundant garden. The colorful borders create the feeling of a garden wall and draw attention to the all over design of the field of this spectacular antique Persian rug.

The cypress tree is one of the oldest living trees on earth, with some going back several thousand years. For this reason, this evergreen is often used to depict the ideal of everlasting life, or the afterlife. It is similar in meaning to the tree of life that is found throughout many cultures around the world. Cypress trees often form the upright formal elements in Persian gardens, as depicted in the design of this rich and colorful piece.

The ivory background of this beautiful antique rug allows the colors or the plants and trees to stand out brilliantly. The garden is filled with many types of flowers and plants, all of which have their own special meaning. The antique Persian Qashqai rug is quite large in size and was meant to be displayed in a grand space. The trees draw the eye vertically, making this fascinating antique oversized rug appear to be longer in length. It is designed to give the impression that you are looking at a formal garden of cypress trees and to evoke a sense of the sublime.

This is a spectacular large oversized antique Persian tribal Qashqai rug. Just looking at this large antique tribal rug delights the senses and creates a feeling of joy, or perhaps provides a space for quiet reflection. Either way, it is a wonderful addition to any office, public space or home interior decor.

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