Antique Indian Agra Carpet 47369 Large Image

Antique Indian Agra Carpet 47369


Size: 13 ft x 16 ft (3.96 m x 4.88 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Embodying the model of Mughal magnificence, this antique Indian rug from Agra depicts a superb allover pattern rendered in a regal palette of burgundy and neutrals.

Antique Agra Rug, Origin: India, Circa: Final Quarter of the 19th Century – This elegant oversized Indian carpet from Agra features a superb all over arabesque executed in a daring selection of regal burgundy red, azure and ivory set over an icy blue ground. Opposing palmettes promenade across the field and carry the eye to each kaleidoscopic intersection and branching botanical figure. These grand palmettes are surrounded by lush vine-scrolls and small-scale botanical that are defined by their filamentous outlines and delicate features. This grand yet understated allover pattern is accented by saturated burgundy details that immediately complement the kingly light-on-dark main borders, which display a lavish collection of reciprocating palmettes embraced by flourishing leaves and superfluous tendrils. These perfectly balanced and beautifully composed features emphasize the expansive, elegantly patterned field that dominates the powerful composition.

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