Fleur De Lis Design Antique Needlepoint English Rug 1112


Size: 8 ft 11 in x 11 ft 9 in (2.72 m x 3.58 m)
Origin: England Rugs

A Beautiful Antique English Needlepoint Fleur De Lis Pattern Carpet

Antique Needlepoint Fleur De Lis English Rug with Fleur De Lis Design, Origin: England, Circa Date: 1900– This magnificent antique English needlepoint carpet preserves a European tradition of adapting Oriental carpets going back five hundred years or more. A sage green trellis of fine acanthus leaves defines an allover pattern of staggered hexagon medallions filled in alternate rows by fleurs de lis and looped ribbon patterns. The soft tan, green, and saffron tones of the field are accented sparingly by the use of Chinese red floral forms between the medallions and in the details of the fleur de lis. A stately classical border of oblong cartouche medallions in tans and saffron nicely frames this magnificent antique needlepoint Fleur De Lis English rug and resolves the entire composition.

The iconic fleur-de-lis (fleur-de-lys) design makes use of a floral lily pattern to create the magnificent symbol. While we see this fleur de lis pattern in a many different coat of arms from varied European nations, it is most closely associated with the French during the monarchical period.

Needless to say, this English fleur de lis design antique needlepoint rug exudes class and harks back to the romantic and medieval times in European history. The soft warm colors throughout the rug are broken up by pops of red patterns that separate the palmettes which1 house the fleur de lis patterns. The soft colors and pop of red give a more modern feel while the design itself pulls us back further into history.

This is one spectacular antique rug that will be sure to garner much love and attention. It is also quite the transitional rug which means that it could work in a wide range of interior design styles and looks. If you need a rug that is charming and has a touch of European flair this antique fleur de lis design English needlepoint rug would make a wonderful choice.

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