Antique Khotan Carpet 40808

Size: 8 ft 10 in x 17 ft 8 in (2.69 m x 5.38 m)

The distinctive strength of the Khotan tradition shines through in the soft, unifying palette and the finely detailed bordersof this splendid carpet.

Antique Khotan Carpet, Country Of Origin: East Turkestan, Circa date: 1900 – The chocolatey browns of this gorgeous Khotan rug from the turn of the 20th century looks like it was made for contemporary spaces. Modern rooms favor neutral color and earthy colors and textures. Rich browns, colors inspired by spices, and colors inspired by the natural world dominate the latest interior design trends. This beautiful antique is the perfect piece to give a contemporary space and old world, exotic feel.

Khotan rugs are produced in a part of East Turkestan that is now part of the Xinjiang region in Western China. The area was relatively remote, and these beautiful designs were relatively unknown to the rest of the world. They were discovered by an Emperor who was traveling the region, specifically looking for artisans to create distinguished pieces for the court. He fell in love with the rich colors and soft texture of Khotan carpets, which is fortunate for us today.

One of the characteristics that distinguish a Khotan carpet is a blend of traditional carpet designs, Asian aesthetics, and Western design ideas. This carpet mixes geometrics with abstract designs arranged into a lattice-work pattern. The effect is breathtaking, especially when combined with the deep browns.

The colors and design of this antique carpet give it a sophisticated feel and a global flavor. Khotan carpets were known for their high-quality wools that are durable and that have a luminescent quality that gives the carpet a glow. This carpet would make an excellent addition in a room with plenty of natural light where the light could interplay with the subtle shifts in color.

This is a gorgeous piece that would fit perfectly into a modern design with its earthy colors and geometric design. It has an approachable and earthy feel. Khotan was once an area that saw travelers from many distant lands, and each of them lent something to the designs and culture of the area. This piece is perfect for giving the room a well-traveled feel.

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