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Blue and White Antique Chinese Rug #46820 by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Blue and White Antique Chinese Rug 46820


Size: 8 ft x 10 ft (2.44 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: China

Drawn in a distinctly Eastern style, this exquisite antique Chinese rug depicts a lovely medallion composition filled with decorative, culturally important motifs.

Blue and White Antique Chinese Rug, Country Of Origin: China, Circa Date: Turn of the 20th Century РThis antique Chinese room-sized carpet is a dazzling work of art that features a stunning collection of delicate botanical motifs and auspicious symbols. Lucky bian fu bats and charming bouquets punctuate the stunning sapphire-blue field and complement the delicate motifs that are featured in the ecru spandrels and scalloped medallion. In the decorative notched spandrels, auspicious butterflies hover over graceful irises with rippling foliage and ornamental flowers. These classically styled motifs incorporate naturalistic branches, complex compositional elements and organic details that give the composition its distinctive style. Traditional fretwork guard-bands meander around the richly colored field and embrace the posh main borders, which feature a series of reciprocating vine-scroll clusters. This antique Chinese rug showcases a marvelous collection of stylized botanical motifs and auspicious cultural symbols arranged in an elegant medallion composition.

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