Antique Room Sized Serapi Persian Carpet 48469

Size: 8 ft 6 in x 11 ft 6 in (2.59 m x 3.51 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Antique Room Sized Persian Serapi Carpet, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900 — The viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to the stark geometric patterns present throughout this antique Serapi rug. Vivid colors of this beautiful Serapi Persian carpet dance around each other and add character to the shapes themselves, with unique borders of gentle cerulean framing backdrops of sweet cream and daffodil. Leafy, angular shapes of rich pomegranate red add further contrast within the blue borders themselves, with all elements leading the eye to the jet black center of the piece, where all of the colors and designs culminate in an elegant framework of blossoms and blooms. The geometric flow of the delicate peach-hued leaves and vines act as guiding lines throughout the rest of the complex antique carpet.

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