Antique Room Size Diamond Design Persian Kerman Rug 49680

Size: 9 ft x 12 ft 10 in (2.74 m x 3.91 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Breathtaking And Finely Woven Decorative Antique Room Size Diamond Design Persian Kerman Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1920 – This antique Persian Kerman rug features beautiful grid or diamond designs in contrasting colors that draw the eye toward the center of this magnificent room size carpet.

The central field is dominated by beautiful blue background shapes that form a wide outline of a diamond around the center most area of the antique Persian rug. The high contrast and fascinating juxtaposition of this element, against the lighter background, immediately draws the eye to this design. The fact that the blue diamond grid stretches from one of the rug to the other, accentuates the elongated visual appearance of this beautiful antique Oriental rug. This also helps to create a sense of symmetry throughout the diamond design Persian Kerman rug, which is another beautiful aspect of this design.

The center field of this elegant antique carpet is framed by a border which also features a high contrast color element. The central band of this border is a darker navy blue color. This darker color of the main border helps to ground the diamond design Persian Kerman rDiamond Design Persian Kerman Rugug and give it feel of completeness as well as balance.

Within each of the diamond grid shapes there are smaller intricately rendered floral inspired designs elements. The contrast between the light colored and delicate floral designs against the richer background colors, creates a beautiful juxtaposition which give this garden design theme life.

There is no doubt that is antique room size diamond design Persian Kerman rug is a magnificently woven world of art. Its combined use of both geometry with floral elements as well as its use of lighter and darker colors, make it a beautiful and impressive decorative rug. It is the kind of antique rug that will enhance the interior design without overpowering its surroundings.

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