Blue Abrash Antique Persian Kerman Rug 49697


Size: 9 ft 11 in x 11 ft 8 in (3.02 m x 3.56 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautifully Abrashed Blue Antique Persian Kerman Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: 1900 – The opulent, rich colors of this antique Persian Kerman rug bring a sense of richness and tribal tradition to the interior decor. Infused with ancient rug symbols, many of which have meanings that are lost in time, this antique Persian rug brings a garden of color to any room. The dimensions of the antique room size rug are almost square, which makes it suitable as a central focal point with a larger room size, or it would work well to almost completely cover a smaller space.

The design of the antique rug is an allover design with a formal main border. The theme of the floral elements is carried through the main border, which gives the design a sense of cohesion and balance. This technique allows neither the main field, nor the main border to overwhelm the design. This balanced design is enhanced by the use of horizontal and vertical symmetry. The center field of this beautiful blue rug is understated and the central motif does not stand out, even though it is clearly present upon closer examination.

This antique Persian Kerman rug boasts fascinating abrash color variations, which only helps to enhance his beauty and remind you of the many feet that have enjoyed it over the decades. This beautiful blue Persian rug from Kerman stands for longevity and the ability to stand the test of time.

It will be a heirloom piece that is treasured for many years to come for both its current beauty as well as its obvious connection to the past. Wherever you decide to use this fascinating antique Kerman rug, it will undoubtedly make an artistic statement of sophisticated beauty and provide a splash of warmth and color for many years to come.

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