Antique Red Background Soumak Caucasian Rug 49341

Size: 5 ft 9 in x 10 ft 2 in (1.75 m x 3.1 m)

Breathtaking Antique Red Background Soumak Caucasian Rug 49341, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Caucasian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – The vibrant colors and bold patterns make this gorgeous Caucasian Soumak rug come alive. An antique red background is covered with a variety of motifs, making it look like a hieroglyphic painting. Bold, zigzag lines frame and encase large images reminiscent of owl faces and eagle wings, with surrounding accents of knots, flowers, leaves and animals jumping off the background in shades of blue, cream and tan. This impressive antique Caucasian rug Dark borders with neat lines of floral separate the sections, showing a kaleidoscope of color as the eye travels around the perimeter. Sandwiched between the two margins, a tan field acts as the perfect backdrop for a variation of sharp-edged chevron stripes with geometric accents that mimic simplified ram’s heads. The outside border sweeps around the edges in a wave-like pattern on a variegated background.

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