Antique Persian Tabriz Tree of Life Carpet 50190

Size: 11 ft 2 in x 16 ft 9 in (3.4 m x 5.11 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Antique Tabriz tree of life carpet, Persia, 1900 — Magnificent beauty and astonishing intricacy define this stunning antique Tabriz carpet. Woven by hand in Azerbajdzjan’s capital city, this complex work of art boasts rich coloring, astounding intricacy, and flawless symmetrical beauty. The base of the outer borders alternates between deep black and rich, warm crimson. Each border displays painstakingly detailed patterns and exceptionally fine detail. Dominated by traditional motifs, notably the peony and the hyacinth, this expanse of flawless floral geometry extends into the dramatic heart of the piece. A soft gold field forms the base of the piece, providing the ideal canvas for the breathtaking detail within. Fine florals, elegant motifs, and complex detail surround the magnificently rendered depiction of the traditional tree of life at the core. The tree of life symbolizes immortality; the peony, strength and power, particularly meaningful in a piece intended for the home. The rich density of detail, stunning shades, and flawless symmetrical artistry of this antique carpet ensure a magnificent statement piece.

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