Antique Persian Shawl 45458

Size: 5 ft 8 in x 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m x 1.73 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Shawls

Created circa 1900, this antique, handwoven shawl features a magnificent quatrefoil medallion decorated with writhing floral motifs and stunning silvery details.

Antique Persian Shawl, Origin: Persia, Circa: Turn of the 20th Century – Here is an exciting and meticulously woven antique weaving – an antique Shawl, woven in Persia in the years leading up to the turn of the twentieth century. Characterized by a particularly appealing and classically composed design, this antique shawl from Persia is a truly exceptional example. Shawls are unique in the world of antique Oriental rugs and carpets, where they are admired for their rich cultural significance and importance. This spectacular antique shawl from Persia features lavish botanical details and a formal, flower-flanked medallion rendered in an elegant combination of carmine red paired with muted walnut brown elements and striking gray and powder blue details. Formal borders decorated with arching floral motifs complement the lavish botanical patterns used to decorate the medallion and flourishing boteh-like pendants that dominate the composition of the central medallion. Beautifully woven, this antique Persian shawl is an excellent example of an important style of weaving. Charming colors and an exciting design come together to give us something truly special.

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