Antique Intricate Persian Isfahan Paisley Bird Design Shawl 45777


Size: 3 ft 10 in x 5 ft 7 in (1.17 m x 1.7 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This exemplary antique shawl from Esfahan features a superb medallion, beautifully scalloped spandrels and boteh-motif borders rendered in splendid colors.

An Intricately Patterned Beautiful and Fine Antique Persian Isfahan Shawl, Origin This Shawl: Persia, Date Of Creation: Late 19th Century – Finely woven and intricately patterned partridges, floriferous bouquets and ornate spandrels decorated with elaborate strap-work accents create a phenomenal and exceptionally detailed composition. Created in Isfahan, this elaborate antique Persian Isfahan shawl depicts a kaleidoscopic array of traditional patterns rendered in a selection of neutral colors that are set over a fiery brick red field. Reciprocating outer borders with ornamental niches are placed against bold monochromatic sections and delicate boteh motif borders that enclose the splendid field. The beautiful double-medallion composition is outlined with intricately detailed strap-work borders and spandrels decorated with ornamental botehs. This finely detailed antique Isfahan Shawl features intricate patterns juxtaposed against the bold monochromatic background. Flourishing French-curve spandrels with ornamental niches highlight the bold monochromatic field while emphasizing the sweeping ogival outlines and sophisticated Indo-Persian style.

In addition to boasting one of the oldest and finest weaving traditions anywhere in the world, Persia may also lay claim to some truly exceptional shawls. These unique and practical weaving are culturally important items, and brilliantly showcase some of the more important and nuanced design ideas and aesthetic concepts that were prevalent during the time and in the places where they were woven. This dazzling Persian shawl features intricately-detailed scrolling patterns with sweeping, lines, accentuated curves and ornate flourishes. Emanating from a dark central medallion, this fine antique Persian shawl features architectural pendants that become part of the patterned field and background of intertwining scrolls. The borders of this beautiful antique shawl incorporate an interesting pattern of ogival arches and palmettes that emanate from the inner guard band. A charming example, this antique Persian shawl is an alluring and compelling composition that beautifully communicates some of the finer points of the Persian weaving tradition.

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