Antique Persian Serab Rug 47171

Size: 3 ft 9 in x 7 ft 5 in (1.14 m x 2.26 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Serab Rugs

Crafted in the village of Serab, this phenomenal antique Persian carpet has a unique and alluring blend of sophistication and village-influenced symbolism.


Antique Persian Serab Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: 1900 – This distinctive antique Persian carpet from the village of Serab displays a riot of botanical decorations and tribal-influenced ornaments that exhibit a newfound sophistication without losing their quirky tribal influences. The long, narrow field is crisscrossed by a trellis of strapwork bands that shelter a series of botanical ornaments with pendulous arthropodan appendages. Multiple sets of narrow strapwork borders encircle the bistre field and emphasize its high-impact presence. The rich collection of borders includes undulating vines, meandering florals with varied colors and rows of ram’s horn figures with crisp red outlines and obscure black interiors. The camel-tone ground prized in Serab rugs is revealed in the understated outer border, which displays a tonal abrash and segmented pomegranate-like guls that reflect the form of the lozenge-shaped centerpieces that appear within the formal latticework field.

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