Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan Rug 44130

Size: 9 ft 6 in x 11 ft 6 in (2.9 m x 3.51 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Lush polychromatic vine scrolls with spiraling curves and crisp outlines create a superb medallion-and-corner composition that covers this regal antique Sarouk rug.

Antique Persian Sarouk Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: Early 20th Century – This extraordinary antique Persian Sarouk rug showcases an exceptional medallion-and-corner composition heavily adorned with serpentine arabesques and lush polychromatic botanical motifs. The lavish decorations emanate from a dramatic lobed medallion that is flanked by ornate pendants. Lush arabesques complete a meandering journey across the robust brick-colored field and through the contrasting ivory and midnight blue segments that recede into the corners. The exquisite details on this Sarouk Farahan continue in the formal borders that feature an elaborate network of grand rosettes and palmettes linked by willowy botanical accents. These grand botanical motifs feature robust colors and precise outlines that accentuate the elegant curvilinear lines. Multiple sets of minute guard bands filled with delicate botehs and floral motifs conclude the richly detailed composition of this stunning antique Persian rug.

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