Magnificent And Extremely Fine Antique Persian Garden Design Silk Heriz Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1880

This breathtaking design of this rare antique carpet pays homage to summer and harvest time. This is made evident by the refined sun design element in the middle which radiates with warmth and positive energy.

The classic garden design has multiple panels. Each one of the panels boasts beautiful floral rug design elements. We see trees that are overflowing with ripe fruits hanging from the beautifully rendered branches. Other panels have different adaptations of the iconic and exotic 17th century vase design patterns.

The writing that is showcased throughout this spectacular antique Persian garden design Silk Heriz rug features different segments of Persian poetry. These poetic verses add a feel of Persian history as well as a sense of mystery and romance.

Persian silk rugs that are this fine are few and far between. They become even rarer in this large rug size configuration. The reason why these rugs are so rare has to do with the time and money it took to weave the rugs. It is obvious that the person who had this rug woven, wanted the best and was willing to wait the time that was need to create it as well as spend the money to make it happen.

Perhaps one of the fines examples of it’s kind, this antique Persian garden design silk Heriz rug is simply spectacular. It is magnificent example and its presence is sure to elevate the importance of any interior design.

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