Antique Persian Dragon Design Tabriz Rug 47039

Size: 9 ft 4 in x 13 ft 5 in (2.84 m x 4.09 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Woven in the early 20th century, this antique room-sized Tabriz carpet depicts a superlative allover latticework pattern inspired by early Caucasian blossom rugs.

Antique Persian Tabriz Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: First Quarter of the 20th Century – Reminiscent of Caucasian blossom rugs and the Harshang carpets of Kuba, this spectacular antique Persian carpet displays a beautiful range of historic designs from northwest Persia and the greater region. The regal carmine field displays an awe-inspiring allover latticework pattern with deeply serrated blossom motifs hugged by broad strap work accents. The lavish room-sized field displays a virtually unlimited palette of pure colors and a superb repertoire of detailed designs with superfluous decorations. Contrasting accents, expertly juxtaposed colors and infinitesimal symbols create a magnificent, beautifully coordinated allover pattern. This lavish mesh of burdock place holders, arthropodan blossoms and dragon-like cloud bands is enclosed by superb turtle-motif borders linked by interconnected stra pwork fins and accompanied by clouds of dense floral decorations that capture the over-the-top style of this masterpiece from Tabriz.

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