Antique Oversized Persian Kerman Carpet 48210

Size: 21 ft x 36 ft (6.4 m x 10.97 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Effectively broken up into four constituent parts, this extraordinary antique Kerman carpet is almost four individual carpets in one. Exceptionally ornate and elaborate, this antique Persian carpet showcases some of the most beautiful and fine Persian Kerman rugs designs.

Antique Oversized Persian Kerman Carpet, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rugs, Circa Date: Final Quarter of the Nineteenth Century – This masterful and elegant antique Persian rug is a type of carpet called a triclinium. It was produced in the last quarter of the 19th century in Kerman. Kerman was known for producing commissioned carpets of a grand scale for noblemen and the ruling class. The triclinium design was once a symbol of wealth and had a specific purpose.

Triclinium carpets used to be sets of four separate carpets. The group consisted of a large main carpet in the center that is surrounded by two runner rugs on the sides. Across the top, a carpet was placed that was an equal length to the width of the other three carpets. Eventually, these four separate carpets evolved into a single piece, as we see in this example.

The purpose of the triclinium carpet is to support a large, low table on the main rug. This is surrounded on three sides by floor pillows for seating. The fourth side is traditionally placed toward the door of the room and is left open for service during the meal. This configuration of carpets dates back to Roman times, and it is still used for serving formal meals throughout the Middle East.

Triclinium carpets are typically ornate and were made for special occasions. This particular antique Kerman carpet has an exquisite design and brilliant use of color. The carpet is laid out like a formal garden, with a medallion carpet at the top. The carpets are tied together in a theme that uses cypress trees and exquisitely detailed floral motifs throughout the design. The cypress tree is a sign of long life and longevity, as they can live quite a long time and remain green throughout the winter. You can also see the willow tree and other plants that have a specific meaning.

The design itself consists of different levels of complexity that make it fascinating. The designs of all four of the rugs consist of large motifs that form the focal points of the carpet. The spaces are filled in with continuously smaller designs until every space in the background is filled with color. You can also see formal vase arrangements placed throughout the main carpet. The entire piece has the feeling of a well-planned garden at a large estate.

This is a stunning piece in both design and color. Kerman carpets were known for their fine weave and durability. Kerman carpets are supple, soft and have a high level of detail, as with this example. Triclinium carpets are rare, and we are proud to offer this breathtaking piece for your collection.

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