Antique English Needlepoint Rug 43967

Size: 6 ft 5 in x 8 ft 5 in (1.96 m x 2.57 m)

This extraordinary English carpet features a beautiful blend of traditional European motifs, Oriental designs and influences from Islamic artists.

Antique English Needlepoint Rug – This fantastic and truly beautiful antique rug — an antique needlepoint piece originally hand made in England — is an intriguing work that embodies many of the artistic qualities and characteristics most sought after by enthusiasts and collectors of such pieces. Indeed, many of the qualities of this rug — not least of all the impeccable craftsmanship that it displays — make it a piece that is above the typical pay grade of needlepoint rugs. Woven with brilliant red borders and a bold color palette, this needlepoint rug foreshadows the arts and crafts movement and contemporary English designs with a variety of intertwining knotwork patterns, Oriental fretwork borders, Islamic-influenced stars and European fleur de lis octofoils paired with white lilies set in geometric tiles. All in all this is a very fine piece that has already stood the test of time — and promises to bring beauty and charm into any home for many years to come.

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