Gallery Size Antique Khotan Rug 50328

Size: 6 ft 8 in x 12 ft 10 in (2.03 m x 3.91 m)

Beautiful Gallery Size Antique Khotan Rug, Country of Origin: Origin: East Turkestan, Circa date: 1920 — Like most Khotan rugs, this one uses muted, earthy colors to convey a sense of tranquility and natural arrangement. Rigid borders and figures work together in a series of borders and frames, enclosing around each other to create a regal effect. Soft taupe hues combine with dusky olive and blushing pink, leading to a bright background at the centerpiece that houses several attractive floral shapes. From ferns and stems to flowers and leaves, every piece within this background is given plenty of space to stand out in the rug, allowing the viewer time to skim over their forms.

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