Antique Khotan Carpet 47116

Size: 9 ft x 17 ft (2.74 m x 5.18 m)

This impressive antique Khotan rug from East Turkestan is a stunning example, boasting a border of gold and a field of enchanting blue, the unique patina of which is exemplary.

Antique Khotan Carpet, Country of Origin: East Turkestan, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – Antique Khotan rugs from East Turkestan are prized by collectors and admirers of antique rugs for their traditional tribal designs and world-class execution. Effortlessly blending together culturally important tribal and folk-oriented elements of design with the sophistication and meticulousness of fine rug making, the weavers of Khotan rugs represent a unique development in the world of antique rugs. This piece in particular speaks to these unique qualities of the weavers of East Turkestan: characterized by a deep blue field with an allover design of vine scrolls and floral elements, this antique rug is an ode to the lingering and powerful beauty of the traditional aesthetics of the region. The action of this amazing rug is articulated in a deceptively simple pallet of blues and golds, which are accentuated by a gorgeous patina throughout the piece. A finely worked border of floral and geometric elements frame the piece, creating a unified composition of deep beauty.

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