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Antique Jewel Tone Tribal Paisley Design Persian Bidjar Hallway Runner Rug 50280

Size: 3 ft 2 in x 12 ft 9 in (0.97 m x 3.89 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Tribal Blue Antique Persian Bidjar Hallway Runner Carpet, Rug Woven In: Persia, Date Woven: 1920’s — Bidjar is a town in northwest Persian Kurdistan. The remarkable antique Persian area Rugs that were woven in Bidjar are known as some of the sturdiest antique rugs ever woven. They are complied of a thick, heavy, densely packed pile, making them some of the strongest and most durable rugs in the world. The densely packed pile and strong weave is what mainly sets these phenomenal Persian rugs apart, giving them the names “Iron Rugs” and “Man’s Rug.” The antique Persian Bidjar rugs are produced using a distinctive combination of yarns for the weft. Wool, goat hair, and cotton are also used to create the prized firm Bidjar rugs.

Some of the most captivating Bidjar rugs exhibit rich and jewel-toned colors. This antique hallway runner rug has a vibrant array of dark and earthy colors that include midnight blue, soft blue, red, ivory, and camel brown. The use of warm and bold colors plays well in this runner rug and will add character to any room.

Bidjar rugs portray Kurdish cultural characteristics which consist of floral and classical geometric motifs along with large, whimsical medallion designs. They convey the classical Persian medallion format and also allover designs, as well as pictorial or garden patterns. Nevertheless, it is complicated to identify Bidjar rugs based on a set of patterns, as they include a variety of elements and designs. The diverse spectrum of patterns and designs included in Bidjar carpet weaving was developed from local traditions as well as neighboring cultural influences. This rug along with other Bidjar rugs can be sure to allude to the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Bidjar rugs also utilize nature motifs through floral and vine designs. Geometric and unique tribal patterns are also included in rugs woven in Bidjar. This Bidjar Persian runner encloses a midnight blue field containing a linear pattern of boteh and floral ornaments. Amulet motifs, lozenges, and other geometric ornaments encompass the boteh and floral ornaments. The inner border holds a flowing pattern of lozenges and floral designs within a rich blue background. The larger, outer border also contains floral designs and squares on an earthy camel brown background. Bright, scarlet red lines define the field and each border.

This runner rug beautifully incorporates symmetrical and linear designs. Bidjar rugs often possess complex patterns along with small details. This conveys their village origins where they were produced by small tribes and families. The diversity of their designs and influences add to their appeal and character. Thus, Bidjar rugs, such as this charming runner, would wonderfully suit both traditional and modern spaces.

This stunning carpet features a relatively simple pattern that only accentuates the remarkable degree of craftsmanship present in every stitch. Two large borders, which are divided by rich red hemming, featuring angular instances of flowing petals and dancing flowers. The outermost border and the larger of the two showcases a vibrant gold background, while the smaller, inner border features a backdrop of deep cobalt. At the very center of the Bidjar carpet is a long black background that features a procession of vibrantly hued boteh shapes arranged in three flowing columns.

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