Fine And Rare Antique Indian Moon Shawl 48619

Size: 5 ft 7 in x 5 ft 8 in (1.7 m x 1.73 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Shawls

Antique Finely Woven Indian Moon Shawl, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: 1835  – Possessing a delicate color palette and a beautiful, detail-rich design, this beautiful and fine antique Indian Moon Shawl has an almost dreamy and misty quality about it. With a background done in creamy white, the foreground stands out with a tasteful selection of hues, including rose red, fern, and blonde. Boteh or Paisley designs connect in the body of this Indian Moon Shawl, creating a repeating design that captivates the viewer’s attention, before guiding the eyes to the focal area of this finely woven antique shawl. In the center of the Moon Shawl, a delicately designed circle establishes a moon-like appearance, unifying the rest of the motifs present throughout.

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