Antique Slik And Wool Indian Agra Rug 46805

Size: 11 ft 5 in x 19 ft 5 in (3.48 m x 5.92 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Drawn in a delicate curvilinear style, this elegant antique Indian carpet features a beautifully refined allover arabesque rendered in chic jewel-tone colors.

Antique Agra Rug, Origin: India – This magnificent antique Indian carpet showcases an exquisite allover arabesque executed in a posh decorator’s color palette. Dainty leaflets, charming blossoms and botehs formed by arching floral sprays adorn the delicate low-contrast vine-scrolls that meander across the sumptuous palace-sized field. Saturated lapis decorations and vibrant citrine yellows provide the perfect accompaniment to the dusky mauve ground. In an elegant, refined manner, the ornate borders and double guard-bands skillfully ground the delicate composition while reflecting the posh colors that appear in the field. Flower-spangled botehs and elegant palmettes form a stellar reciprocating border pattern linked by inconspicuous vine-scrolls that skillfully travel around the corners and encircle the well-appointed field. Building on classical arabesque designs, this antique Indian carpet features a luxurious adaptation rendered in a novel selection of posh jewel tones.

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