Antique Central Asia Khirgiz Felt Rug 41408


Size: 4 ft 6 in x 11 ft 3 in (1.37 m x 3.43 m)

Few nomadic carpets have the boldness and graphic power of this extraordinary antique Oriental Khirgiz felt applique from Central Asia.

Antique Kyrgyz Central Asian Runner Felt Rug, Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: 1900 – This antique Kyrgyz hallway runner rug originates from Central Asia and showcases a beautiful warm-toned pattern. Oranges and reds play off of more neutral ivory tones in this antique felt rug, which features a long, thin design. The design is very abstract, featuring curved lines and circular shapes that really bring the pattern to life. Though this Oriental carpet is an antique, the pattern is very graphic and reminiscent of more modern design patterns, giving this antique Central Asian runner rug a very interesting and standout aesthetic.

The edge of the antique Central Asian rug features a border that contains and finishes the design nicely, lending itself well to the overall shape of the runner rug. That skinny rectangular shape is interesting and unique among more common shapes that are closer to square. The Central Asian rug itself is made using a felt appliqué technique, which helps to showcase the how bold the pattern is. The play of the warm oranges off the more neutral ivory tones make the pattern stand out extremely well, creating a very bold look that can be associated with geometric-style designs.

Bold designs and vibrant colors help showcase the beauty of this felt carpet and it’s design, really showcasing how unique and special it is. Among the larger bold patterns there are smaller details which really demonstrate the skill required to create one of these beautiful rugs. Antique rugs such as this are gorgeous representations of history in the form of textiles. The border around the edge helps to centralize this design and cement it as a beautiful historical decorative carpet.

Area rugs from felt have a very unique texture to them. They are also more rare in the world of antique rugs especially among the antiques since so few were made and even fewer survived.

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