Antique Caucasian Kuba Runner Rug 71626


Size: 3 ft 10 in x 10 ft 6 in (1.17 m x 3.2 m)

Amazing Antique Caucasian Kuba Runner Rug, Country Of Origin: Caucasian, Circa date: 1900 – Kuba is an area that is known for its gorgeous tribal rugs and artistic creations that are expressive and unique. The city of Kuba is located in what is now present-day Azerbaijan, and its area rugs are an excellent example of the magnificent Caucasian rugs that originated in that region. These antique Caucasian Kuba rugs are often in rich color combinations and have a distinctive style that sets them apart from other antique rugs of the region.

This specific antique Caucasian Kuba rug boasts a captivating array of box designs in varying colors. In the center of each of these boxes we can find an array of tribal designs and patterns.  At first glance it seems as though this Caucasian Kuba lacks symmetry but upon closer examination, we see just how much attention went into creating this piece. The horizontal plane depicts rows of patterns that range from floral, to the eight pointed start design, to small geometric birds to circular rug symbols that are meant to ward off the evil eye and more.

The color background of each of the boxes creates an angular symmetry. In addition, the patterns in each of the alternating rows, feature a row of the circular protective design. This symmetry of every other row in addition to the symmetry of the background colors on the angular plane make this piece stand out as a unique example among these captivating tribal rugs.

One of the best features of antique Kuba rugs from this area is that they show a human touch. They represent a unique piece of artwork and the heritage of the tribal cultures of the region. This gives them an earthy feel that is the perfect foundation for other earth-inspired elements in the space. Decorating your home with antique Caucasian rugs will add a personal touch and help create a space that expresses your own uniquely personal style. And this specific example is sure to elevate the beauty and sophistication of any home decor and interior design approach.

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