Antique Persian Bidjar Sampler Rug 45502

Size: 2 ft 10 in x 3 ft 10 in (0.86 m x 1.17 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This charming antique sampler created in Bidjar circa 1880 depicts an assortment of border motifs and minor guardbands enclosing a series of polychromatic shrubs.

Antique Persian Bidjar Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: Late 19th Century – This marvelous Bidjar Wagireh or sampler carpet created circa 1880 features an exquisite repeating pattern of elaborate polychromatic shrubs with colorful blossoms and angular foliage that are set over a somber midnight blue background. The obscure field is enclosed by lightly colored borders that add levity to the conglomerate composition. The borders feature a medley of ornate vine-scrolls, including broad palmettes with strong outlines and delicate vine-scrolls with soft green tendrils and meandering extensions. Oxidized Persian blue minor borders punctuated with delicate salmon and amber blossoms create a final enclosure that completes the elaborate composition. The spectacular repeating shrubs featured in the field are bound with horizontal end pieces featuring a classic reciprocating vine-scroll pattern outlined with somber accents.

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