Antique Artistic Persian Lion With Sword Design Qashqai Rug 47676

Size: 3 ft 5 in x 4 ft 8 in (1.04 m x 1.42 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This fascinating rug from Qashqai features an armed Persian lion set against a red field, creating a commanding presence.

Antique Persian Qashqai Rug, Origin: Persia, Circa: Mid-20th Century – Here is an absolutely intriguing artistic antique Persian rug, a piece that is as immediately appealing as it is distinct. Primarily characterized  by a grabbing, deep red field against which the action is set, this carpet is an expertly woven composition, the details of which grabs the attention of the observer. For set against the blood-red background is the incredible figure of an impressive Persian lion, rampant and clutching in his claw a curved sword. Beautifully composed, this impressive gold-colored Persian lion is replete with fantastic detail work, from its bright, staring eyes to its massive, gorgeous mane. The overall impression left by this amazing antique rug from the Persian region of Qashqai is one of awe,: for both the quality and content of this piece demand attention, and beautifully illustrate a cultural tradition and ancient heritage. This beautiful antique Tribal Persian Qashqai rug from Persia is a truly remarkable composition, as commanding as any rug.

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