Antique American Flat Woven Ingrain Rug 2755

Size: 7 ft 4 in x 8 ft 10 in (2.24 m x 2.69 m)

This elegant antique American Ingrain carpet is an eclectic combination of Oriental design and the flatwoven antique Aubusson carpets of France.

Antique American Flat Woven Ingrain Rug / Textile, Country Of origin: America, Circa Date: Early 20th CenturyIngrain textiles and rugs are American classics that were inspired by English rugs of a similar variety. Though they were often coarsely textured for the purpose of being used as decorative rugs and floor covering, they became renowned for their strong use of bold, radiant and happy colors. The repeating patterns used throughout these antique American rugs also made the coloring system that much more recognizable, and such effects are visible in this masterpiece. In this antique  Ingrain rug, an earthy color palette lends power and grounding to the composition of the flat woven kilim like rug itself. The darker foreground outlines allow individuals to observe the various patterns as they rise against the backdrop, resulting in an almost engraved effect that resonates throughout the entirety of this beautiful antique American flat woven Ingrain rug.

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