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Antique Allover Room Size Romanian Bessarabian Flat Woven Kilim Rug 49298

Size: 9 ft 8 in x 10 ft 8 in (2.95 m x 3.25 m)

Beautiful Flat Weave Antique Romanian Bessarabian Kilim Rug 49298, Weaving Country of Origin / Type Of Carpet: Romanian Rug, Circa / Weaving Date: 1920’s – This beautiful antique Romanian rug utilizes a repeating leaf pattern to put more focus on the colors and contrast than on the figures at the foreground. A simple, single border surrounds the heart of the antique Bessarabian rug, and the interior of that border features many of the same leaf shapes as presented at the primary field at the center.

Several solid colors surround the border as an outline, grounding the floating leaves of this antique rug but also unifying the color theme by repeating the tonal presence. Skillful spacing between the leaves results in a desirable degree of outlining, and the repetition of the patterning itself allows viewers to focus on any number of elements as they would like.

This room size brown background color antique Romanian Bessarabian kilim rug is extremely artistic in the way the foliage was rendered. The leaves are multi colored, yet they have an overall soft decorative look to them that is quite sophisticated. The antique rugs from Romania do tend to feature floral motifs but they are rendered somewhat uniquely with so much attention given to creating movement and depth.

Kilim rugs such as this are few and far between. So for those who are looking for truly unique and decorative flat weave area rugs, this remarkably beautiful antique Romanian Bessarabian rug will surly be hard to beat. It is the kind of piece that could work in a different home interior decor styles. It could be placed within a very casual setting and look great but it could also look just as magnificent in a classically decorated room or even one that is more minimalistic. But wherever you choose to place it and however you chose to display it, this Bessarabian kilim it timeless. It is think of piece that will look just as magnificent and in vouge today as it did 50 years ago and it will also continue to be trendy 50 years from now.

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