Antique 17th Century Egyptian Cairene Rug 49201

Size: 13 ft x 14 ft 6 in (3.96 m x 4.42 m)

Antique 17th Century Egyptian Cairene Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Egyptian Rug, Circa Date: 16th Century – Combining artistry, beauty and functionality in a single piece is the greatest appeal of antique area rugs. The precision weaving involved in the creation of the Cairene rugs, which were produced in Cairo, Egypt under the Ottoman Turkish Empire, enhances the delicacy of the graceful designs.

This particular antique 17th century Egyptian Cairene rug demonstrates the more refined curve linear design style that replaced the more angular, tribal geometric style of the Mamluk rug designs from the 15th and 16th century. Beautifully balanced herati fish designs, enhanced the touches of blue, juxtapose beautifully against the burnt rust colored field. The exterior border, which incorporates the same feel and design of the field, frames this antique Oriental rug in the most perfect and harmonious way.

A magnificent Egyptian rug, that has carried its years lightly, this antique rug is about 400 years old and is still in very much usable condition today. The intricate weaving, shown in the interplay between warp and weft, is a mute testament to the care and precision that was put into its creation and upkeep over the centuries.

With the subtle beauty of its soft coloration, strategically enhanced with beautiful hints of richer tones, this breathtaking antique Egyptian Cairene rug holds the weight of its years lightly. Ancient sophisticated beauty combined with centuries of rich historical value makes this particular antique area rug is especially magnificent.

The warm rusty  hue of this antique Cairene rug’s background glows, allowing the cooler tones of blue details to shine while providing a perfect setting for the rich garnet aspects. Every herati cluster is centered around a combination of these two shades, and the framing fern like arches allow the eye to travel naturally from one beautiful kaleidoscopic section to the next.

As such a resplendent piece, this Egyptian Cairene rug marvelously suited to almost any light foot trafficked room’s interior design.

With such beautiful and intricately woven details to delight the eye, this antique 17th century Egyptian Cairene area rug is a perfect combination of historical value and artistic beauty.

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