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The Nazmiyal Collection Guarantees the Authenticity of Our Antique Rugs

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Guarantee of Antique rug Authenticity – Jason Nazmiyal, the owner of the Nazmiyal Collection, has been in the business of buying and selling antique rugs for more than three decades. His passion for and dedication and commitment to this magnificent art form is unrivaled in the industry.

This passion,  combined with Nazmiyal’s impeccable taste, has earned him a reputation that is respected by the upper echelons of the antique rug industry. His drive to educate the public and share his knowledge has been the driving force for him to build this website, which, over the years, has been regarded as the most comprehensive collection of history, articles and information about antique rugs ever to have been assembled in one place.

Nazmiyal guarantee of authenticity on all rugs we sell

Nazmiyal guarantee of authenticity on all rugs we sell

Due to this steadfast commitment to education and to disseminating information about the antique rug world, the Nazmiyal website has earned the respect and gratitude of the hundreds of visitors it receives every single day.

The Nazmiyal Collection is 100% committed to selling only authentic antique rugs – as such, our customers may enjoy a guarantee of authenticity on any antique rug that they are considering purchasing from us. Jason Nazmiyal’s lifelong commitment to the art of antique rugs and his dedication to education are the guiding forces behind our customer service, and our complete commitment to customer satisfaction. Our guarantee of authenticity is just one way that the Nazmiyal Collection works to provide world class customer satisfaction.

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