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Antique Carpet Experts and Personnel Guarantee – As a direct result of our committed approach not only to selling the finest antique rugs and Persian carpets, but to educating people as well, our personnel are some of the leading professionals and authorities in the field of antique Oriental rugs. When you decide to buy an antique rug, you are not only deciding to purchase a decorative object; you are deciding to purchase a living piece of art with a rich history and cultural value.

Antique Carpet Experts by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

The Nazmiyal Antique Carpet Experts

Our personnel are educated and fluent in all aspects of antique and vintage rugs, and they are eager to impart that knowledge to the general public. At the Nazmiyal Collection, we sincerely believe that there is a great deal to gain for anyone who wishes to learn more about this magnificent and historical art form. Each member of our staff has been selected for their knowledge, personality, passion, and their awareness of the fact that every single person that comes through our doors has specific needs and concerns.

In addition to their knowledge, each member of our staff has a remarkable eye for aesthetic appeal, sharpened by decades of experience. You may rest assured that if they do not think you are making the right choice, they will make their voices heard.

As Edgar Allen Poe once said: “the soul of the room is the carpet.” With this in mind, they will make certain, in consultation with the client, that the best selection is ultimately made.

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