6th Century Early Tribal Pattern Egyptian Coptic Textile Fragment 46643

Size: 0 ft 1 in x 0 ft 6 in (0.03 m x 0.15 m)

Created in Egypt around the 6th century, this remarkable Coptic textile displays an outstanding geometric pattern emblazoned with inconspicuous cruciform motifs.

Textile, Egypt, 6th Century – Born during a turbulent time in world history, this extraordinary Coptic textile is a religious, artistic and anthropological artifact that represents aspects of culture more than 1,000 years ago. This superb textile fragment depicts an outstanding labyrinthine repeating pattern of hooked crosses comprised of interwoven chains that have a spiraling rope-like appearance. The archetypal combination of creamy white and saturated indigo emphasizes the beautiful and sophisticated appearance of the geometric patterns and cultural icons. Inconspicuous symmetric crosses placed in golden roundels and decorative square frames accent the well-composed pattern at regular intervals. The formal composition of this intricately woven Egyptian textile is concluded by an exemplary pattern of reciprocating vine scrolls and rosettes that has a strong familiarity and a remarkable resemblance to many contemporary designs that are known the world over.

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