5th Century Early Egyptian Coptic Pictorial Textile Fragment 46131

Size: 0 ft 8 in x 0 ft 10 in (0.2 m x 0.25 m)

This antique Coptic textile depicts a primitive portrait embellished with simplistic details that add a stylistic richness to this unique textile piece from Egypt.

Early Antique Coptic Textile, Country of Origin: Egypt, Circa: Antique 5th Century – Created in Egypt, this early antique Coptic textile depicts a primitive portrait with perspective flattening and a spirited style that is alluring and whimsical. The bold augmented palette of primary colors includes warm ocher skin, clear white eyes, vibrant red highlights and inky blue hair with a nubbly, curly texture. The simplistic two-dimensional style uses broad linear details to accentuate the general outlines and facial features while secondary accent colors add definition to the tunic covered bust, sharply outlined eyes, bold eyebrows and richly textured hair. The rich primary color details are placed over a neutral papyrus-colored background that highlights the deeply pigmented colors featured within this delightful Egyptian portrait. This early Coptic Egyptian textile is not just a collectible piece – it is a beautiful work of art as well!

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