18th Century Large Greek Key Antique Chinese Ningxia Rug 70812

Size: 11 ft x 17 ft 8 in (3.35 m x 5.38 m)
Origin: China

A Magnificent Large Antique 18th Century Chinese Ningxia Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Chinese Rugs, Circa Date: 18th Century – This is an exquisite antique rug and an exceptionally rare find. This magnificent antique Chinese rug was created in Ningxia China during the 18th century. The weavers of antique Ningxia rugs were often commissioned to create pieces for the royal courts and nobility. This captivating antique rug from China gives us several clues that it was created as a special piece, possibly to mark a special occasion.

The formal theme of the antique white and blue rug stands out with its floral elements and representation of flowing water in the border. The artists only used subtle blues against a cream background to create the delicate and complex design. This shows a great deal of artistic skill. One can see a representation of the natural world and man’s interaction with it. This is represented by allowing some of the plants to remain in their natural state while others have been placed in formal vases.

The central medallion symmetrical and represents the four winds or heavenly realm. It has the theme of rains from the heavens providing for abundance on earth. One thing that stands out about the design of this Ningxia rug is the lack of repetition in the field. The Greek key running dog design borders, central medallions, and corners of the rug that the symmetry that one typically finds in oriental rugs, but this same concept is not carried out in the field of the rug. this gives it a more natural feel. Some of the motifs are only found once, rather than repeated.

The basket and vase design give the feeling of abundance and beauty. This is a fascinating design and a magnificent piece for any collection. It shows the mastery of the Ningxia rug weaver and has a simply breathtaking design. It is a piece that deserves to be displayed in a place where it can be truly appreciated for its history and as the beautiful work of art that it is.

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