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Vintage Isfahan Persian Rug 51154

Size: 6 ft 7 in x 10 ft 3 in (2.01 m x 3.12 m)

Intricate Vintage Isfahan Persian Rug 51154, Knots Per Square Inch KPSI: 500, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug,  Circa Date: Late 20th Century - Kaleidoscopic in scope and color arrangement, this brilliant fine vintage Persian Isfahan rug is unique in the bountiful motifs used to define the foreground. The weaver of this breathtaking Oriental rug was able to convey a clear sense of belonging through the use of several powerful forms at the foreground, which were made to stand out all the clearer thanks to the careful use of contrast. Darker tones stand against lighter ones throughout the vintage Persian rug, their beautiful shapes adding a sense of whimsy to complement the grounding presence of the borders. At the very heart of the vintage rug, a massive red star branches outward to connect to the creamy beige backdrop, demonstrating the unity between the colors, despite the clear division of outlines throughout.

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