hr Vintage French Art Deco Carpet 42740

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Vintage French Art Deco Carpet 42740 is Sold
Style: Art Deco Rugs | Origin: French Rugs | Size: 5 ft 2 in x 9 ft (1.57 m x 2.74 m)
Vintage French Art Deco Carpet 42740

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Vintage Art Deco Rug, Origin: France, Circa: Early 20th Century - Here is a unique and exciting antique carpet - an antique Art Deco rug, woven in France during the early years of the twentieth century. A compelling example of the style, this antique French carpet beautifully illustrates some of the more important aesthetic principles championed by the Art Deco style. A movement that stressed geometric boldness and abstract experimentation, the tenants of Art Deco design had a tremendous impact on just about every discipline within the arts. This carpet shows perhaps the most recognizable qualities of the movement. Using the mirror image of an asymmetric spiraling design to produce a symmetric carpet, this well-balanced piece that exemplifies vintage rugs with Art Deco design elements features strong vertical lines along with ample horizontal movement in a design resembling a desaturated work by French artist Robert Delaunay. The strong, shell-like curves capture the ideal proportions as described by the Golden Mean. Reflecting period influences, this Art Deco rug incorporates a subdued and versatile palette of delicate browns, tans, and soft pinks.