European Influenced Floral Vintage Turkish Kilim Rug 50517

Size: 6 ft 3 in x 8 ft (1.9 m x 2.44 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs
Style: Kilim Rugs

A Beautiful European Influenced Vintage Turkish Flat Woven Kilim Rug, Weaving Country of Origin: Turkey, Woven Circa Date: Around The Mid 20th Century– Reminiscent of a confectionery with exquisite frosting, this Turkish rug exhibits a chocolate-hued backdrop for a detailed spread of flowers. Two matching golden filigree braces hold bouquets of roses, which seem to spill over their curving arms to fill the center field of this area rug with a profusion of red, orange and pink blossoms among pale green leaves. An extremely narrow margin of white and red lines separates this floral decoration from an outer trim, set over the same rich, dark brown. A light line traces around the Kilim’s border of perfectly stitched roses, each nestled against a set of leaves, anchored by larger bright roses in each corner.

Th stylized floral elements and bouquets of roses are indicative of the magnificent and classy French rugs. We tend to expect to see such rendered floral elements in the beautiful and refined French Aubusson rugs and they are also seen in the iconic Bessarabian kilim rugs from Romania as well. This shift in design is quite drastic which may lead one to believe that this must have been a custom created area rug when it was initially woven.

This beautiful flat weave area rug could work amazingly well in such a vast range of different interior design and decorating approaches. It is of the caliber and look that is sure to garner much love and positive reactions. But regardless of where you decide to place how you choose to position this area rug, it is a wonderful example that will have a calming and zen feel anywhere it ends up and rugs like this are types of pieces that instantly become familial heirlooms that future generations will grow up with and love.

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