Vintage Swedish Rya Rug By Judith Johansson 47970

Size: 3 ft x 4 ft (0.91 m x 1.22 m)

This mid-century Swedish carpet is characterized by an exciting, modern composition which beautifully communicates the abstract.

Vintage Swedish Rya Rug by Judith Johansson, Country of Origin: Sweden, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – This amazing small vintage rug from the mid-twentieth century by Judith Johannson. This piece is a Swedish Rya rug that was both woven as well as designed in Sweden around the mid 20th century. Hugely popular in recent years, authentic vintage Scandinavian rugs and carpets are prized for their modern designs, which tend to emphasize the abstract and the minimalistic. This particular example boasts an exciting modern design, characterized by a fascinating interplay of black lines, set against an intriguing background of broad swaths of color. Widely sought after by collectors and designers, vintage Swedish rugs such as this example are in increasingly higher demand all the time, being valued for their unique and refreshingly modern aesthetic.

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