Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Marta Maas Fjetterstrom Kilim Rug 49127

Size: 8 ft 3 in x 9 ft 10 in (2.51 m x 3 m)

Fall colors are carefully established in this Scandinavian rug through a subdued presence, resulting in a wondrously organized surface that is meant to captivate the imagination. Though simple in presentation, this exciting Swedish kilim features a hidden warmth beneath the surface of the neutral hues scattered throughout the rug’s center and borders. Present in a symmetrical arrangement around each section of the vintage rug, the several leaves line the interior, acting as a beautiful foreground to the variety of lines within, almost as if creating an airy link to the natural world amidst the otherwise rigid and grounding elements.

Highly Artistic Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Kilim Rug by Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom 49127, County of Origin / Rug Type: Scandinavian Rugs, Circa Date: 1950’s – The iconic Marta Maas Fjetterstrom was one of the most influential 20th century textile designers whose natural, organic and naturalistic designs were highly influential in the development of the modernist movement. Her designs combine Nordic traditions that have been passed on for centuries with inspiration drawn from landscapes using natural earth tones in many of her works.

This vintage Swedish kilim rug is an excellent example of the artist use of natural colors and geometric form to create a beautiful flat weave rug that has a distinctly Scandinavian feel. Her vintage mid century modern rugs and textiles are popular and found in many museums throughout the world. This beautiful and impressive kilim rug would go well in a room that highlights natural materials and textures.

With this vintage Scandinavian carpet, Marta Maas Fjetterstrom created a design that has direction in the vertical plane, but that could flow either direction in the horizontal plane. The spacing of the traditional eight pointed star designs is uniform in terms of placement, but not in color. This gives the impression of a garden of flowers of the same type, but in a variety of delightful colors.

The organic look and feel of this wonderful vintage Scandinavian Swedish kilim rug by Marta Maas Fjetterstrom make it the perfect addition to a minimalist, Scandinavian, modern, or rustic home interior design scheme. It would blend well with a room that combines different primitive cultural elements and that touches our shared connection with the earth. This vintage Marta Maas Fjetterstrom rug is the perfect addition to a neutral toned room design and is an important piece of vintage mid 20th century art work from a highly influential textile designer.

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