Vintage Red Background Isfahan Persian Rug 51090

Size: 10 ft 1 in x 14 ft 2 in (3.07 m x 4.32 m)

Beautiful Vintage Red Background Isfahan Persian Rug, Knots Per Square Inch KPSI: 625, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – Contrasting colors are skillfully set against each other amidst gentle points of transition in this magnificent vintage Persian Isfahan rug. This results in a harmonious series of changes that occur between the various sections of the vintage Persian rug, leading the eye gracefully from the darker borders to the lighter transitional edges located around the center of the piece. Flourishing petals and blooms connect various winding stems and vines, unifying several transitional points between this secondary border and the activity at the center of the vintage rug. Here, the cooler red color background gives way to a warmer palette, which further leads to the rich mandala at the very center, which serves as a crux to ground the entirety of the breathtaking oriental rug.

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