Fine Persian Tabriz Sickle Leaf Design Rug 47474

Size: 7 ft 3 in x 10 ft 9 in (2.21 m x 3.28 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Here is an absolutely astonishing antique Persian rug: a magnificent sickle leaf design Persian Tabriz that positively radiates elegance. Its masterful composition and inimitable quality affirm its status as an incredible antique rug.

Fine Floral Sickle Leaf Design Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug, Origin: Persia, Date: 1920’s – The well-executed curvilinear floral motifs of this Tabriz rug suggest a high knot count that allows a fluid rendering of arabesques, rosettes and palmettes throughout the field and border. The design and execution reflect the classical tradition of Court carpets during the Safavid dynasty, a style that continues to this day.

In this carpet, the central axis of five floral motifs is bordered on each side by five paired floral medallions that are offset to the central axis. Paired half-medallions lie at one end. A central half-rosette and quarter rosettes in the corners lie at the opposite end.

The sickle-leaf motif, which is the same pattern in the most expensive rug ever sold, is one of the rarest of the floral vase designs, is used to define the boundary of each medallion, with delicate arabesques in pale blue connecting one medallion to the next. A rosette lies at the center-point of each arabesque and at the head of each leaf. Each sickle leaf is intricately rendered in rich colors.

Each round floral motif forming the center of each medallion is rendered in contrasting colors of dark green, several shades of blue, deep rose, light pink, mustard yellow and cream. Dark blue and dark rose outlines repeat the color scheme of the field and border. A sense of movement is created by the head-to-tail placement of the leaves around the stylized flowers.

Here is an incredible Persian rug: a Tabriz rug resplendent with the much sought-after sickle leaf design. This design motif is widely considered to be among the most desirable of all design styles, and can be found decorating the fields of some of the most expensive and fabulous antique rugs ever sold. This particular Tabriz is practically exploding with color, its whimsical, bright pallet standing somewhat in juxtaposition with the classical look and feel of the design.

Bright pinks and oranges stand out brightly and boldly against the field of red, while bright shades of purples and greens give the detailed floral work of this piece tremendous life and vitality. The incredible border is practically overflowing with incredible, gorgeous detail – which is especially alluring against a narrow strip of black that frames the entire piece. This masterful Tabriz, with its unorthodox yet harmonious bright colors and its inimitable design, is a brilliant example of the aesthetic and technical prowess of the great Persian rug-makers.

If you are looking to buy rugs, and want area rugs that are fine and beautiful, Persian Tabriz sickle leaf deign rug would make a fabulous option.

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