Vintage Persian Khorassan by Saber 72502


Size: 9 ft 9 in x 12 ft 6 in (2.97 m x 3.81 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Stunning Vintage Persian Khorassan by Saber, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Vintage – The mesmerizing Khorassan rug, inspired by the wonders of nature and crafted by the skilled artisans of the Mashad Saber Workshop, exudes an Art Deco charm that seamlessly complements both historical and contemporary design aesthetics. Mashad, a city nestled in the heart of Iran’s Khorassan province, boasts a rich heritage of rug craftsmanship spanning centuries, renowned globally for producing some of the most exquisite rugs. This particular masterpiece bears the distinctive touch of the master designer, Master Abas Ali Saber, affectionately known as Saber of Mashad.

More than seven decades ago, Saber embarked on his rug-making journey in Mashad, establishing a workshop of considerable size, with looms scattered across the city’s suburbs. At its zenith, Master Saber oversaw approximately 60 looms throughout Mashad. Following Saber’s passing, the reins of the workshop were gracefully assumed by Master Ahmad Bazmi, in accordance with an agreement made with Saber’s heirs.

Saber rugs are celebrated for their generous dimensions, showcasing both captivating medallion designs and enchanting all-over patterns, as exemplified by this exquisite piece. Characterized by an impeccably tight weave and a high knot count, Saber’s rugs boast an unparalleled ability to emphasize intricate design details. In particular, the delicate interplay of vines and florals set against a neutral or beige backdrop has become a hallmark of the artist’s later works.

This particular masterpiece, a testament to the latter half of the 20th century, bears Saber Workshop’s unmistakable signature in a striking shade of red—a distinctive feature of these collectible treasures. Beyond their collectible value, these rugs serve as captivating elements of interior design, elevating any space they grace.

With its breathtaking fusion of harmonious colors and a nature-inspired theme, this Persian rug serves as the ideal foundation for a room adorned with elements from the natural world, such as exotic woods, terracotta, and stone. Its abstract design skillfully emulates the graceful descent of autumn leaves, ingeniously creating a sense of motion through leaf placement and perspective by varying the motif sizes.

This exquisite piece seamlessly integrates with both traditional and contemporary décor, imparting a serene and balanced ambiance to the space. Its hallmark precision and masterful design make it a standout addition. With this rug, nature’s essence finds its way into your home, office, or esteemed art collection, enriching your surroundings with its timeless allure.

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