Tribal Large Scale Pale Blue Antique Persian Bakshaish Rug 71368


Size: 12 ft 8 in x 14 ft 8 in (3.86 m x 4.47 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Antique Persian Bakshaish Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persia, Circa date: 1880 – Looking for an impressive array of rustic carpets that display an area’s cultural and historical heritage? Then this large scale tribal design antique Persian Bakshaish rug is right up your alley. The antique Persian Heriz, Serapi and Bakshaish carpets feature more primitively rendered graphics and geometric patterns in varying combinations. The Bakshaish style is a term that is used to categorize the older and more primitive versions of the Persian Serapi rugs and Persian Heriz carpets that were woven in Northwest Persia – a mountainous region east of Tabriz, one of the largest cities in the area. It is considered one of the oldest rug weaving centers in the region, renowned for its abstract interpretations of traditional, tribal and more classic design motifs.

This specific antique Persian Bakshaish carpet is one of the best and most remarkable examples of its kind. The colors of the large scale tribal designs are set so beautifully against the soft light blue abrash color variations in the field. The happy red color that we see in the border frames the piece in the most perfect way, especially in the way the red in the field ties in to the border the color to create a cohesive feel that is both impressive yet calm and happy.

The best of Persian rugs are those special antique rugs that never fall out of fashion. No costs were spared when this specific Persian Bakshaish rug was first created. The wool is unusually soft, the dyes used are of the highest grade and the design itself is magnificently rendered. It is one of those special rugs that has never been, nor will it ever feel, “dated”. It was a breathtaking piece over 140 years ago and it is just as beautiful and trendy today – the mark of truly great work art!

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